Audiobook "Advantage by Knowledge" by Markus Hofmann

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Gaining Advantage through Knowledge

Participants of one of my keynotes or seminars can expect to lose track of time as the minutes fly by filled with motivational sentiment, highly practical tips and humorous anecdotes. The outcomes of a session with me aren't just the unique ability to hoover up large amounts of information, but a deep sense of satisfaction and personal empowerment. The tips I will give you are pragmatic, easy to apply and will accompany you as firm friends for the rest of your life. Expect to leave a session able to store information and harness it anytime you need it no matter what the circumstance. I am true to my word: unforgettable.

In response to popular demand, I have decided to produce this audio book, which contains fundamental memory techniques that lie within all of you anyway - you just need to activate them. Once triggered, you will find there is no end to what you can achieve mentally. I manage to do this in just 66 minutes - not bad hey! The audio journey is packed with fun, humor and astonishingly easy learning methods that can be applied by anyone.

Training the "memory muscle" needn't cause brain ache. If you trust your mental ability to store more and access it quicker, applying the tips I give you, you'll be astonished at the know-how you'll gain.

These include:

  • Memorising names and faces in a playful way.
  • Conducting presentations and (free) speeches with poise and confidence
  • Storing figures, data, and facts
  • Recalling general and expert knowledge effortlessly
  • Rediscovering the fun of learning like a child

Access parts of your brain that you never knew existed and surprise yourself. Study with interactive methodology that is lively and fun. From this point onwards, you will remember random names easily, present your slides at college or work with confidence and shine through your unique ability to access all types of general knowledge.

All this and more is made possible through the "advantage of knowledge". Get your book now and transform yourself into a super-brain! 



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